Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Random Ramblings

My cousin's into make up blogs. I, on the other hand, think make up is so troublesome and beautiful people needn't wear any make up. Opinions, opinions..don't stone me! But I am very much into people who blog about fashion and share with the world their creations and their finds from thrift stores.

Why is it that when I reply people that "I'm a good girl." they don't believe me? Hmmm... For instance, someone once asked me why I don't want to go for matrics in Labuan and he went on to say is it because I'm scared to get "loose". Then I replied,"No lah...I'm a good girl."

Probably it's the sneaky smile that I gave him while saying that that made him think otherwise.

And.... Swinburne's only about a month away! =D Woohoo~~!!!! All I need to do is wait, have patience, sabar..................... I CANNOT SABAR!!!!

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