Saturday, June 14, 2008

Face Lift and Pictures

Hey all! Just to let you all know, I'm giving my blog a face lift. Just a little amendments to the background color just so it won't look so emo. haha!! And here are some pics I got for State Comp....

My nephew, Frederick and Sylvester.
Switching hats. Luls.


Our Drumline

Beginning of In The Stone

Our signature 'G'. Mr. Ant calls it Super G.

Green Road band members with some people who sesat.
Syazwan sesat, Jacob sesat, Raphael sesat.

Green Road marching in.
Sure looks good.

SJS Drumline

More formations.....

SJS Color Guards.

Tenor solo.

Sorry for the lousy pics. If I don't on the flash, it will turn out blurry. Without the flash, looks good but very blurry. = / And the tiang really kacau lah....

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