Friday, June 13, 2008

Sarawak State Level Competition 2008

Finally it's here! And the results are already out!! I wish I could relive yesterday... That's always my wish after every competition I join, ESPECIALLY when I perform. many things happened yesterday, I don't even know where to start! Well, I have been religiously following the band and watching them practice since last week.

Results for last night.....

1st - Saint Joseph High School Marching Band, Kuching
2nd - Chung Hua Miri Brass Band

3rd - Saint Joseph Miri Marching Band
4th - Green Road School Band

SMK Bintulu Marching Band
Saint Columba Marching Band

Best DM - Chung Hua Miri Brass Band
Best Percussion - Saint Joseph Miri Marching Band
Best Colorguard - Chung Hua Miri Brass Band
Best Preparation - Chung Hua Miri Brass Band

Heh....I'm pretty sure you're all like.....What?? Green Road didn't win best uniform???? Yeah, same here. Almost everyone thought so. Wah....when they announced winner for best uni, St. Jo Kuching (who happens to be next to Green Road) were swearing all the way and saying that we deserve best uni. Those guys rock. Rugged na.

I think the funniest part was when they announced runner up for the competition. Cos they weren't cheering for Chung Hwa, they were cheering for St. Joseph. To watch it click here.

Personally, I'm not disappointed by the results because it is just as I had predicted. I just never told anyone my prediction because I didn't want them to be discouraged. I wanted them to be happy and give it their all. And they did, which makes me very happy to see them. I mean, who cares bout results? I don't because I wanted them to be exposed to competition, to make them mentally prepared for the competitions to come. And we cannot pull out again this year just because we're not good enough. I made it a point not to make a big fuss about the results. Seeing them cry, I am now convinced that they know they worked hard and they gave their all. They really want this. And I know that deep down in their hearts, they will work harder to be at the top and they WANT to be top. I can honestly tell you this because I know them. So, St. Joseph Miri, you may win now but you'll see next year. I have confidence in them. For them to make so much difference in just 3 months, it's dramatic! What more to say one year?

Well, I didn't cry because I didn't feel like it. Things like these don't make me cry. Very hard for me to cry one... Other reasons would be...... I want to show them that I am proud of them, that I am happy because they did their best. So I was pretty much smiling all the way actually.

Kinda bummed that we didn't win best uniform though. I mean, what's so good about Chung Hwa Miri's uniform?? And best percussion should belong to St. Joseph Kuching, not Miri. SJS kuching's percussion is so clean, precise and more 'gempak'. Oh well, the judges decision is final. And for Best Uniform, the judges are blind. =X woops!

LOL....I so semangat until I forgot to eat my dinner! Haha..... And yeah, I was one of those who screamed like crazy and also the one that people gets annoyed with. Well, mind your own business aight? I got schools to support. I only watched the Kuching bands cos I didn't want to waste my time on other bands. Besides, I watched them already. My bore myself to death again?

Our Green Road cheer....

Lame but.....very spirited!

My own addition would be....

An idea by Antonia and I. =)

But our own band members created their own actually. It's "chak, chak, HOO!!!" It's the shout they made after they end Mask of Zorro. Now that's cool. Wished my brother had told me earlier, then I would have told the Green Road supporters. I was really surprised that people from my school were so supportive! I thought that most of them are anti-band, especially the other uniform bodies (particularly Kadet Polis) because band gets most of the school's attention. But....they gave us their full support!

Hmm....dono what else to say but I shall end with this. My prediction for Green Road School Band.

I think that many bands fear GRSB after this competition because word does get around very fast that we improved in just 3 months. And I do believe that by next year, they will merge to be one of the top. First team to be taken down would be St. Joseph Miri or maybe both Chung Hwa and SJS Miri at the same time. You'll never know. Chung Hwa may have all those kick ass instructors which costs a fortune, we have Kester and Mr. Ant which is good enough to train us.

World, be prepared for the new GRSB!

Oh, and by the way, I just found out that I am related through marriage with one of SJS kuching's member. Frederick....LOL. Worse of all, I can't believe I'm his aunt and he my nephew!!

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prettychellereena said...

st joe miri DM lagi...there good haha st joe kchng won dis fren cried of happiness wen st joe won hahaa..they did the sjs march...hehe