Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Well, not much update lately. Got lah but I couldn't go online the past few days. So my creative thoughts were forgotten. Oh well, they'll come back. So what will I be blogging about? I know! ADYC Dinner.

What's ADYC you may ask? ADYC stands for Anglican Diocesan Youth Council. It's a council for all the Anglican youth ministries in Sarawak and Brunei.

Well, back to the dinner. The dinner was okay. It's like any other fund raising dinner. Too bad I didn't bring my camera. Sighs. Then I could've taken a group picture with Frank, Raymond, Gwen, Uncle Hollis, Dennis, Laurena, Pamela and Raymond. Quite surprised to see my cousin Jonathan, Aldrich and Timothy.

The highlight of the night? Well umm....there's this cute guy from St. Francis, Kota Samarahan. Kept noticing me. xD At first I thought I was being perasan or syok sendiri or whatever but I was wrong. After the whole thing, I went out and he was out there, totally checking me out man! But I looked away lah. Worse part is, he was actually walking towards me and talk to me. That's why I looked away.

That's not the first time I've seen him anyway. The first time I saw him was during Thanksgiving Dinner at Penview Inn way back in 2006. And I must say, I was already smitten. And earlier this year, I saw him at my church cos we had something on. Best part was, we talked.

The bad news is.......................He's Form 4. He don't look Form 4 lah....... He looks older. More like my age.

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