Saturday, June 21, 2008

Google Me, Baby!

Ever Google-ed yourself? Well, I did. Pathetic much. Blame it on Thomas Chai for giving me that idea....

It all started last year during Christmas, when we were at Carlson's place at the teacher's quarters in St. Thomas. We were preparing for the year end barbecue party. When preparations were made, Thomas went online. That glutton! He was Google-ing himself and some other people. He's perasan much! So that's pretty much where the idea of Google-ing myself came from. I didn't try it till recently cos it totally slipped out of my mind.

Google Guinevere Aring Pakar and you'll get her blog. And I bet if you Google her name now, you'll find this post. Google Anders Cheng and you'll find Anders Cheng. Google Kenny Sia, well... you'll get Kenny Sia of course. Google Christine Dior?

You get Christian Dior instead. Should've known. Why did I even bother Google-ing myself? =_="

Well, here's a song that I stumbled upon called "Google Me". LOL. Such wonderful coincidence that I wanted to post this post and I heard of this song. Not my favourite type of music but it's relevant to my topic.

If you like it, the official video's out. Click here to see it. Can't embed cos YouTube disabled it.

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