Thursday, June 19, 2008

My Blog!! =(

Oh.... my...... words just cannot explain how horrified I am after seeing my blog. Don't get me wrong, I do like the design's lost my personal touch in it! Instead of saying "scribbles of a girl" it says "sugar coated bla, bla, bla....JUST DON'T EXIST!". It's cool but it's just not.......what my expectations were.

Worse of all, I did save my old template in my desktop BUT I deleted it, thinking that "Oh, once I have this fabulous template, why should I keep the plain and ugly one?" I thought wrong.......... old design had sentimental values in it. And the worse part is after I changed my skin, my tag box is gone and so is my friends list. Plus, I don't even know how to link my friends with this current skin! It's so user unfriendly! It requires using CSS codes and all..... So I'm yet to figure out how.

Bah. Why should I figure it out? I want my old blog back. And.....people can't even comment my posts! For me to enable comments, again, I have to copy some CSS Code. How troublesome!!

So people, think before you decide to go for a face lift. You end up losing your tag box and your precious friends list. And also sentimental values to the blog. Huhuhu.....

I regret!! Huhuhuhuhuhu..........

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