Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Sik Diberik Title

Wadeh.... Today is penyesuaian gelanggang. As promised, I saw Jason Yeo at the stadium. He said he was there to bribe the judges. So, hehe.... We'll be expecting both Kuching bands to get top 2. And I'll be paying Kok Seng unlimited supply of tissue paper while he's paying the cash. *wink!*

So cool to watch SJS practicing. I bet my band's members were feeling the pressure of being watched by the champions. Haha! Good for them. It did make them sound a lot better than yesterday. And their footwork became neater. Oh the wonders of pressure!

Poor Kester, coaching two bands at once. No rest at all. I was sure he's hungry and thirsty. This guy, he's a workaholic. Sometimes he don't eat lunch, sometimes he don't eat at all! Insane lah that guy! Just now he only talked to me for a while before he proceed with his work. He was telling to me about the insanity of his work and how stressed he is. Well, I could tell he was enjoying it at the same time.

Aiyah....this Jason bulak me eh! He say that St. Joseph punya standard decreasing. Mana tauk when I see just now, it was better than their performance in states last year! Eksyen lah kau Jason!!! St. Jo gerenti menang puN! ummm....... not sure lah. But sure get good results one larh.

Sighs..... Just watching them perform just now, really makes me wish I was down there. I mean, I'm supposed to be down there performing!! I really wanted to show those St. Jo blokes our stuff! Grr...... Which explains why I'm always there for their practices. I couldn't join in but I still wana feel like I'm a part of it somehow. But yalah.....the yearning to perform can't be quenched unless I really do perform. Now, I feel as though I'm immune to nervousness. I love showing people my stuff and in fact, I love the adrenaline I get during the performance! How I long for that feeling once again! Huargh!!! Maybe for Kuching Fest. Hopefully there's band display. I really do hope.

Lol. I ate so much just now! Before I went to school, I makan fried rice. Then in the bus, makan burger cos I was hungry. At the stadium, makan burger gik. Then shortly after that, I ate the lunch provided. I sure ate a lot today!


jasonyks87 said...


Scribbles of A Girl said...

oh no...u read my blog too? aduh.... malu aku....

jasonyks87 said...

sorry..i didnt give enough money to the judges for grsb..LOL! celaka u..hahaha!

Scribbles of A Girl said...

what?? oi!!! yalah....celaka u!! how could you...... sobs!

hahahahaha!!!! xD