Monday, June 9, 2008

Tad Weird

Guys from Brunei are just tad weird. desperate lah. I was just chatting with my old friend and he said that he missed me. So I just reply back that I missed him too lah. (eeww, of course I didn't mean it lah. It is unlike me to say that sort of thing.) Mana tauk he reply back that he just meant that as a friend and if I wanted us to be more, he didn't mind. Gosh! That didn't even crossed my mind!! PERASAN!!! Felt really uncomfortable after that cos the conversation just got weirder. So I just ignored him after that.

Come to think of it, he thinks I'm so perasan. And he thinks I'm that desperate for a boyfriend. And he thinks that I would just go for any guy. Huh! Insulting. Who do you think I am?? A bimbo? I'm not that dumb to go with a guy that I barely know. And LDRs just don't work. Eewww lah. And he's not the only weird Bruneian guy. There's another one whose name is Ryan. But I do think Ryan is way better.

Haha. How mean of me to dub Bruneian guys 'weird' just because of two guys. =P


prettychellereena said...

\thy miss me i just said..oh ok..haha nvr ever say miss u too unless r good guy frens hehe...

Scribbles of A Girl said...

yeah...i know dat now. LOL. and i should never type what I don't mean.