Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Cupboard Exposure

Last night, I thought of a great way to keep all my belts, necklace and other accessories in my cupboard. Before this, I had a hard time keeping them nicely and they get tangled up and just looks so messy and unorganized. I just finished organizing all my accessories in my cupboard and I shall share with the world my simple yet effective and affordable way to keep your accessories. Not only will you have ease in looking for your accessories, your cupboard looks great too! And it will be a cupboard that most girls dream to have...


First off, you'll need paper clips. And you need to bend it to form an 'S', like this....

After you've done all that, then you can hang any accessories you want onto any small spaces you can find in your cupboard. As for mine, I have mosquito net covering the cupboard so I hang them onto the small holes. Organize it the way you want it... probably you want all the silvers together or the blacks together, up to you. And voila! You have the almost perfect cupboard you've ever dream of!

Necklaces, bracelets and my belts.

The bangle.

My collection of earrings.
Yet, I rarely wear them.
This is my mother's doing....she bought them for me.

Ahh....The remnants from my belated grandmother.
The ethnic looking bracelets were made by her.
Cool, eh?

And yes, I am showing off. LOL.

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