Thursday, October 16, 2008

Clothes, Shoes & The What-nots.

Lots of ideas in my mind. Tonnes of them but I can't do. It's just so hard to maintain a hobby while studying. Why didn't I start doing fashion when I was young? My parents would definitely invest on sending me to a design school. Unfortunately it was discovered quite late. Then again, it's cool to be a full time Engineering student and a part time fashion enthusiaste. Like Chris Martin of Coldplay who continued his studies while making his music.

My favourite designer of all time is definitely Anna Sui. Her collections are just beautiful! She's into rock music too. No wonder her designs has that rock chic thing going on. Absolutely love it!

Anna Sui's 2008 Spring Collection

And my favourite of Spring 2008 is.... the pink hair. Haha. Wish I can have hair like that. But it's a wig.

Looks familiar doesn't it? Got inspired by Anna Sui and decided to wear something like it for my cousin's wedding.

I was looking through CLEO October 2008 magazine yesterday and saw alot of styles that I was thinking bout appearing in the magazine and I was like "Woot!". Takkan lah so chun..... I was thinking of black and white and there were lots of black and white numbers featured in it. And I was thinking of hats and there's hats too! I suppose I can predict the trend. lol. But not nice lah like that....Then I won't be so unique nemore. Darn. I was thinking of.....brightly coloured pink long tube shirt worn over a white sleeveless paired with yellow tights and a black belt. Black high-cut Converse it off with a Fedora. =) Don't forget white-rimmed shades too. Haven't realy tried though. Meh. I doubt it if you all understand what I'm talking bout. I really have this urge to cut my prom dress and make it shorter. Haha. So it becomes a shirt.

I really wana take up dress making lessons during my hols. I really wana make my own dress. Who knows? I may make it to my dream of being a fashion designer. For now...... damn it Christine, start studying!!

I'm loving shoes by Nine West too but it's way out of my budget. I'll just dream...

Lovely eh? It just looks so cool....

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