Wednesday, October 1, 2008


First day of Raya. I didn't think that I would go visiting today. Thought of cleaning my house but tak jadi cos I got invited to Azmi's place. Damn! His house is big.... Actually, my parents and Khira went visiting in the morning. They followed the DBNA group to visit all the big shot's houses. What I didn't know was they visited Azmi's dad and Khira took a picture with him(Azmi). xD Apparently, our parents know each other. o.O Luckily I didn't follow.....or face the embarrassment!! So I went to his place in the afternoon with my sister. When we reached his place, some girl greeted us and she was like "Jez!!" My sis was like "Elina!" (enda nemu spelling) Azmi and I were confused! We were like "you two know each other??" o.O Small world. Our paths crossed without us knowing it! Haks! Wonders..... Azmi told me that Rahim wanted to come but no transport. He should've told me cos I can pick him up. Forgot to ask him where's Mac's house cos I thought of giving Mac a surprise visit. LOL. And who was the one who said she didn't wana go cos she didn't get invited??? xD

In the evening, went to my uncle's house like usual for every Raya. Love my makcik's cakes and cookies! =) And we talked a lot cos that's the only time we can actually catch up with one another.

I think this is the best Raya so far. So unexpected man........caught me by surprise! I didn't think I would be so semangat to visit people.

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