Monday, October 6, 2008

I Don't Know What To Put Here..

Last night was great. Though I didn't get a chance to rest the whole day. Pretty fun. Two pics from last night is as of above. LOL. Frank and his Marilyn Monroe look. =.=" Andee says he's getting worried for him. XD

Today, today, today.....back to school or should I say college and studying. Zzzzzz....... So I curi-curi holiday last Friday. Well, with the exception of going for Physics on Friday. Anyways, I decided to really have a holiday last week and I did. Time for me to get my head on my studies. Finals coming up and assignments waiting for me. That's why. I made it a point not to think of it all last week. This week have to liao. Cannot slack nemore. It's bad enough to see my Physics result and knowing the fact that my marks this time affected my overall marks. I can't get a HD for Physics nemore. So much for aiming for straight HDs. Sighs...

I went for a little shopping just now. Just for my neccessities. You know how you take a long time to save up for something and in just a split second, your money's all gone? That's what happened. I took one week just to save up for a moisturiser and in just one trip to Guardian, almost RM30 all gone for just one item. =( Why does it have to be that expensive? It's really not cheap to be a girl...

Oh! And I had this idea of wearing men's shirt. LOL. A new creation I'd say. Well, not really. Just that ladies in Kuching haven't worn anything like it yet. So let's just say I'm pioneering the trend here. It was in magazines a long time ago. Quite surprised that people didn't try it here. Cos it's actually very nice. Haihs...Kuching people will always be Kuching people. Not very daring to try new stuff till others have. I got the idea when I went to buy my shoes then I remembered seeing a girl wearing men's shirt at Spring. She's didn't look very pretty in it but....I thought that if I wore it with a nice belt, it would look nice. And looked nice it did. It was beautiful!

Well, when I told my mom that I wanted my dad's old working shirt, she was like,"What on earth do you want that for?" "I have and idea I'd like to try." As usual, she had that sceptical look on her face. It didn't look like it but I know when she's sceptical. The mother's child always knows. LOL. Yet again, I baffled her with my creation. My mom's always sceptical with my sudden clothes venture. Like how I cut my skirt and sew it and made it into a beautiful tube dress. Ah well, she should learn to trust my wild instincts when it comes to clothes. I know what I'm doing. =) Anyways, I don't have any photos of my creation to show you. My camera's not cooperating with me. I do hope to be able to post it here. You can use my ideas. After all, art is free.

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prettychellereena said...

hahah sceptical look..ive seen it mum has dat look too oh well sisters will hv the same look lol