Sunday, October 12, 2008


When you're feeling down, lonely or in my case, like some social retard, just sing "Who-oo-ooo-ooaaa-ooo...". That's right. There's a new drug in town. It's called Paramorephine and I'm doing it. Doesn't come in pills. No syringe required. Completely unhazardous to health. And best of's free. =) All you have to do is to listen. Easy huh? Hehe.

LOL. I'm such a fanatic for Paramore. Kerja Pam ngan aku lah tok.... It's our idea to call it a drug. Haha. It's positive what....nothing wrong right? Paramorephine. Listen to Paramore when you're down or whatsoever negative. Dahlah both of our display name on MSN's the same-"Christine Dior is doing Paramorephine" while hers is "Pamela Wang is doing Paramorephine". Haihs. Miss those days when I can hang out with Pam. Our band days.... Soon she'll grow up and go her own separate way. Wonder if we'll still keep in touch like we do now. Oh well. When I can drive I'll visit her on Saturdays. And other band members too. Haven't seen them all in ages. Miss them lots!

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