Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Dude, You Suck!

You suck man. You suck. You were just friends with me to use me. You suck. I thought you were good. I thought you were real. But heh. You're not. You were friends with me so that you can get to some girl that you like. Damn you man. I really hope you're reading this. What I have to say to you. Since you don't layan me nemore. But if you don't layan me, I don't think you'd be reading this even. Even if so, I'd like to expose you. Well, not really.

We were friends. We were talking and I thought it was cool that I've got another friend. But things changed weeks after. After you decided that you don't like that girl nemore. We don't really hang out. We don't really talk. And you only call me when you need me. Oh....that sucks I tell you. What sort of friend are you?? I'd rather not be your friend lah.

Since you use me, I use you also lah. I want my discounts.

And by the way, you need to get a life. You need to let go of whoever you're not letting go. Love isn't everything. Flirting isn't everything. Having a girlfriend isnt everything. Get a grip before you start losing the people who really cares for you. Right now, you just don't have your own identity. That's all I have to say to you.

Lastly, YOU SUCK.

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Jezzy said...

I don't think he knows what love is all about. Love 'eros'..