Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Oh no...I really can't get myself to work. There's just so much to do but I just can't put my mind on it. Argh! Still on holiday mood. =.=" That's one of the reasons why I hate holidays. I get lazy after holidays. Not before. That's worse. And I bet you're all sick to see me blog about things that happen. Haha.

I'm so totally in love with Paramore's latest single!! Decode. It's a soundtrack for the movie Twilight. Ahahaha....so gona watch the movie. It should be good. Here's the video.

Maybe I need sleep. I hope I get some ideas for my magazine production. I'm doing music and culture. Wish I got fashion (I was suppose to until some group of girls decided to have it. And honestly speaking, I was kinda dissappointed.). Ah well....I'm just afraid I'll have biased views in music. Being all into rock music and a big fan of Paramore and Coldplay. I don't really know any other music that's better than that. When it comes to fashion, I'm not biased. I'm pretty open to anything as long as it looks nice.

I'm loving my college life now. Better than secondary school. Plainly because I had the most depressing final year in Green Road. So college is compensating for it. Don't wana cerita bout it lah. It's very depressing to think about it.

Anyways, that's the past. Oh yeah....I was suppose to go to SMK Batu Lintang last time but decided to go to SMK Green Road instead. This time round, I'm friends with quite a lot of people from BL. Is it to compensate the time that I was suppose to be in BL? LOL.

I think I wana sleep. I played Dota last night from midnight till about 2.30am. Tried to Dota myself to sleep. LOL. DIdn't really work. Adios my amigos!

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