Monday, October 13, 2008


Darn. My body lotion's finished which means I have to spend money again. Everything finished all at the same time! And all are equally important. Cleanser, body lotion and soon, my contact lens. Holes are everywhere in my pocket. Sighs. The price of beauty.

Driving test tomorrow. Kinda nervous. Meh. Who wouldn't be? There's pressure though. I really don't wana fail cos I can't afford to. So I just need to relax and not think bout it so much. I'll worry bout it tomorrow. Haha.

What I'm more worried about is my performance. I just feel like.....I don't care anymore. And when I start feeling that way, I become disfunctional. It is worrying. Damn. Ah well, eventually I'll have to buck up. For now, adios!

I may go on a short hiatus. Just maybe.

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