Friday, October 24, 2008

Stress Gila!

I'm just so glad this day is almost over! So today wasn't really a good day for me. Was so frustrated that I was stuck halfway while doing my assignment. I tell you, I almost cried cos I was tired as well. This morning was worse. My mind wasn't even in Physics class! All I had in my mind was my assignment. I think the stress overload is gona give adverse effects to my health. Meh.

I was thinking of submitting my assignment on Monday or Tuesday. Cos usually assignments that are submitted late will cut marks only. But I got the most horrifying news in the afternoon-that I HAVE to submit it today because I won't have ANY MARKS AT ALL! And that was like....almost 4pm?? My God....My heart pounded so fast, I felt like fainting. Well, okay, I was exaggerating. But I was scared like hell! Even worse, we who decided to boycott IT class just now, in other words, Liang Wie and I-were suppose to present today! I can imagine Ayu's angry face already. Sighs...really not my day.

In the end, all went well lah. I heard the best news I've heard all day-that I can hand in my assignment on Monday. Felt as though one huge weight was lifted off my shoulders! Wanted to scream 'Hallelujah!' but I was in the library. And...other good things happened. Azmi chia me. =) So I miraculously saved money. Hahaha..... And I heard free music. People paid for the Battle of The Bands. I was listening for free while waiting for my car. But I missed out on head-banging and singing and screaming. How I wish I was in there with friends doing all those crazy stuff. Ah well. I missed my cousin's performance too. Dang! His music is definitely really nice. Excellent guitarist is he. His older brother too.

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