Friday, October 3, 2008

The Men In My Life (I suppose this is an appropriate title for this)

Today, had trouble waking up cos I'm still in my holiday mood. Sighs. I feel like the holiday's over even before I could close my eyes. LOL. Ah well. That's life. At least I managed to get my ass to class unlike SOME PEOPLE. Huhu.....I was alone in my class. The people I usually hang out with weren't there. Syaza's back in Miri celebrating Raya. Liang Wie came late but didn't go class. Phillex went to send his friend off to the airport. While me? I'm at class. Zzzz..... Well, let's look on the bright side. Bukan aku yang rugi. Ahahaha..... Actually Phillex and Liang Wie wanted to go for lab sessions but Mr. Richard said there weren't any. So tak jadi do our Friday ritual. You guys left me alone. Sobs.... I understand lah. You guys had something.

In the afternoon, went to open a BSN account with Arvin for our Yayasan Sarawak loan thingy. Then at BSN, met Josef. Hahaha.....small world. Anyway, I was carrying my laptop cos I thought of going for English class after that. So Arvin offered to carry my bag for me. Sweet eh? Haha....after dropping him off at campus, my sis said to me,"Wah, he very sweet ah, carry your bag for you." Then I said,"Biasalah. The guys that I know are sweet." I really thank God that He put guys that are kind and caring in my life. Cos being in Engineering, there's not many girls so I have to be close friends with guys. There is the fear that some guys may take advantage of me. But thank God, the guys in my class are good. They treat me like their own sister and friend. Well, Arvin's not the only one who carries my bag, Phillex does too. You guys are awesome!

Hanging out with guys has its disadvantage too. People tend to think a certain guy is my boyfriend. Ahahaha.....think again. Neither of them are. I know, I know, I like to play with people's minds so I just let them think so. Just to let you all know, I don't have a boyfriend. Hehe. I try not to get into a relationship plainly cos I don't think it's the appropriate time (I demand a lot on commitment, you see). Also, I'm trying not to look at what's on the outside but what's inside. But whatever happens, happens lah.

And tonight, I had this sudden urge to bake so I baked beautiful Chocolate Brownies. I believe I have perfected it after making it many times in my life. Hahaha....beautiful!


-cHangI- said...

i like the brownies that looked like cracked soil...nice..and chewy...

Christine Dior said...

lol....i'll make more of 'em....with less sugar. funny how the person who makes it doesn't really like it. hehehe..