Saturday, October 4, 2008


Today, we're suppose to practice for the Patronal Dinner presentation at my place. So....rami lah my house today. After the practice and all, we just lepak2 in my house. Too lazy to go back I suppose. I don't mind lah. It's not everyday that I can have friends over. I actually like it. They loved my Brownies. =) Every crumb's gone now. I am happy....I just love to see the smile on their faces. It just spells satisfaction. Haha.

Lunch was a bit of a problem. I didn't expect them to stay long so I decided to cook maggie for all of them. There's also some leftovers from yesterday so I fed them with that. Then my mom came with fried rice....Thank God!! Cos I think Maggie Mee can't satisfy us. Hey you all, we should do this more often. =)

After they left, I decided to watch The Dark Knight. I didn't last throughout the movie. Hehe. I fell asleep....ahhahaha. Too tired lah. Woke up at around 5 something, almost 6, played a little bit of Dota. Yeah. I'm back to gaming. Just hope that I don't get all crazy bout it like last time.

I got them shoes! Woohoo!! My second choice shoes, that is. My first choice is actually some black heels but.....I can't walk around in campus with heels!! That is unpratical lar. I needed walking shoes. So I opted for the flats. They're not too bad. Really proud of my buy. Whee~~~

Sunderland and Arsenal draw by the way. 1-1.

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