Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Today's just plain hilarious. So I have to blog bout this even though I said I'll be MIA. Earlier part of the day was not really fun. I had to endure hours of waiting. I was in the last session so I've no choice but to wait. And I tell you, I was nervous man!! So nervous that it made me hungry. Haha. Eh, nervousness takes up energy you know! Anyway, waited till I was tired and not nervous anymore. Too tired to be nervous.

I met my school mate, junior, Stansfield Chua Hua Min. (haruskah I engkah full name? xD) And met another guy called Jonas Gumis randomly, who unfortunately failed his parking. Kesian I see him. (Serve you right for laughing at that Indian lady who failed before you!) Stansfield commented when I did my bukit.."Confident juak na kau tok! Kau sik nervous ka?" Well, don't be fooled by the face. I'm actually nervous tahap dewa but I just know how to control it. Biasala. Performer bah.

So bla, bla, bla....I passed. =) I wanted to get Arvin's Yayasan Sarawak application form so that I can help him send to Hasil for stamping. So I decided that since I can drive, why don't I drive? So drive I did to Swinburne. I know, I know....illegal. Who cares. My passenger is my sister. LOL. Actually, supervisor lah. She's been a good girl. She didn't panic at all.

At Swinburne, I called Arvin only to find that he's at Da Light Food Court. Kinda paniced cos I'm driving. LOL. At Da Light, cun2 Arvin and Melissa finished their meal so I offered to send them home. So send them home lo.... Those two were my unexpected and unfortunate passengers. (Oh Lord!) I told them to pray hard while I'm driving. xD Fuh! Pressure you know! Cos those two can drive. 3 pros watching the noob. Scarrryyyy.... It's worse than the test I tell you. Overall okay lah (I think only lah) just that......AHAHAHA.......I ALMOST KNOCKED THE SWINBURNE GUARD. Arvin was like,"OMG!! You almost knocked the guard!!" We all laughed. Then at Chillipeppers, my enjin mati. Laughed even more. Alamak. Malu eh! I was doing fine and after almost knocking the guard, I became kinteo. Ehehehe.... Hilarious and crazy.

Ok. Ya jak. Babai.

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