Wednesday, October 1, 2008

More Shoes.

Today's a good day. =) A very good one. It seemed all too perfect. Well, it was. Went to learn driving as usual. Then Physics class. Azmi came, which I thought was a miracle. I thought he wasn't going to come since tomorrow's Hari Raya. Hehe. Him coming for class was unbelievable. Most of us were like o.O Impossible!!

After class, had lunch, send brother off for his futsal and went straight to Spring for some window shopping. I went to hunt for my shoes while my sis went to buy her mascara. I sidetracked a lil just now. Went to look at clothes a lil too much. Hehe. I wish I can buy that Charles & Keith shoe that I love so much but it's just way too expensive. Out of my league lah. A girl like me simply can't afford such a shoe. Sighs. But I did find something that I like. After much surveying and looking, I've made up my mind on which to buy. =) Hoping to get it this Saturday.

For dinner, the three of us went to Hornbill for steamboat. We met up with Calvin T., Carlson, Elly, Franklin and the others which I'm really lazy to list them here. Too bad Gwen couldn't make it. She hampir pokai. Actually I thought of not going cos I also almost pokai if I go but since my sis wana come, she chia us. Ah...the advantage of having older sisters. They end up paying. I really ate alot just now. I know I'm skinny but I actually eat a lot. But eating steamboat sucks lah. You have to wait for your food. The marinade is just sweet. I smell like food now. I stopped eating cos I was so sick of the marinade and butter, not cos I was full. I could still go on if it weren't for the lousy marinade. So I wasn't satisfied lah. No more steamboat for me after this.

Since we weren't satisfied, we decided to go Starbucks after that. Just to get some dessert to fill the extra space in our stomachs. Since Starbucks airport is near my house and my bestest (xD) guy friend works there, we went there lo... More satisfied after Starbucks. Oh, my bro told me something so ceridak over our meal. But it was funny at the same time lah.

P.S.: Gwen says I have a bottomless stomach. LOL.

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