Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Of Hair Shop and Hair Do

Ingat mok continue my assignment malam tok tek. But my sister brought me to get my hair done. So as usual, when it's on her, how can I say no? Haha....such blessings. I was gona save up for a haircut then suddenly my sister offered to bring me. God works in such amazing ways.

I didn't go to my usual The Hair Shop at Green Heights but I went to Hair Do in Green Heights Mall instead. I used to detest Hair Do cos I wasn't satisfied at how the junior stylist styled my hair. I didn't look any different from when I came in and they charged a lot. But that was in Sarawak Plaza. This time round, it was good. Besides, my hairstylist from Hair Shop moved back to Hair Do. So, I go where he goes. I'm officially migrating to Hair Do. No more Hair Shop. But my usual stylist didn't do my hair. He did my sister's hair. A Bidayuh guy did my hair.

Good stuff bout Hair Do.....

-their PR is superb. They would kindly lead you to your seat.
-they speak English! Hallelujah!

They don't just speak Chinese. Back in Hair Shop, they don't speak a word of English! So they speak Bahasa Rojak which I don't like cos you can't really explain what you want properly. But of course, I spoke Melayu S'wak with the Bidayuh stylist. And an attempted Bidayuh of 'doih kupu an'. LOL. Which means I don't know. Gosh...ku mok gerek ngan ya. Sak nya dapat style rambut aku. xD

-it's cheap.....

It just cost RM54 for 2 of us. So it's like RM27 each than the usual RM35 I always pay at Hair Shop.

-They're having promotion!

Since they just moved in to Green Heights Mall, they're having discount. 30% on colouring, dye and highlight...some others that I can't remember. But discount does not include highlight only which I thought of doing but can't. Haha.

Overall, 5 stars for Hair Do. Hehe. Some pics of my hair.....LOL. I'm definitely recommending this place and promoting it. I should get commision.

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