Friday, October 3, 2008

Kpg. Sadir

So yesterday I went to Kpg. Sadir, my friend's kampung. His kampung is sooooo nice!!! It's on the hills so it's definitely very beautiful. The river is so clean. The part where we went to has got a mini waterfall. Haha. So fun! After all the swimming, we eat. The cooking was long cos we have to start the fire and all. And we had to make skewers out of bamboos. Janet got cut by the parang so I had to take over. I really had to do something everytime. If I'm not poking the chicken onto the skewers, I'd be eating. I really don't know how many chicken did I take but I know I took alot. I was bored and hungry so I had to eat. It's either I eat or sleep. I didn't wana sleep cos I'd feel really lazy after that.

I love that kampung a lot cos it's the real Bidayuh kampung with all the longhouse and all. They don't use a stove. They actually have a fire place to cook. They even have those stairs they make with logs. Those are rare sightings in my kampung now. It's just so cool. After that trip, it really made me wana do my plan of dumping myself into my kampung and learn my Bidayuh. Cos I think that's the only way I can learn. To stay in the kampung on my own and to mix around with the people. That's the best way to learn Bidayuh.

I'll post the pics some other day....hopefully. When I manage to get it from friends, that is.

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