Friday, October 17, 2008

The Days

Hey you,

What's up with you? You've been acting real weird. I sense you have a problem but you just ain't saying it. But whatever it is, I'm willing to listen. Just so you know.

From me.

It applies to someone, a friend. But if you think it's you, it's ok. I'm still willing to listen.

Today, today, today.......just another day in can I say "Just another day"??? It sounds as though I'm living a mundane life. No. Absolutely not! There's never a day without bizarre things happening. I suppose it's cos I'm tired that I say it that way.

Aimi and Yanie met up with me after lunch at Chillipeppers. Then they told me this one thing,"Christine, ku rasa Mr. R suka ngan kau lah." I was in a state of denial. So I told this thing they told me to Evonne. And she said "Yala ho! Quite true oso....cos the only girl he's comfortable with and likes to talk to is you." Evonne, I thought you were my friend. =.=" You're suppose to be on my side, not theirs. xD But I really do treat him as a friend only. Really do. He's nice and cute and all but...I really just think of him as a friend. I do think he is a great guy or what you call "boyfriend material", but I really just feel that he's more of a friend to me. But when I think back, there is a possibility. Especially when he was teasing me while we were walking past the Prom Night banner. What he say? Well, that's for me to know. =)

Well, it was my aunt's birthday. Held at my house. It all went well. Great food. Great cake. All made by my mom. Got great company too. Haha. Wonderful.

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