Sunday, August 3, 2008

Birthday Bliss

Waiseh....yesterday, i tiba-tiba got a lot of ang pao for my birthday. Totally unexpected!! I specifically told my family I don't want anything fancy. In fact, I didn't even asked for anything on my birthday! Ne tauk they started giving me money...and my mom's friend too. Sighs. But my dad forgot my birthday.

Anyway, I went for the biggest, most hugest shopping spree I ever did in Kuching. Never in my whole 18 years in Kuching did I buy that many things before! I only do that in KL. Such a blessing! I really thank God for it. Even though at times money seem tight but He somehow provides! Financial problems are one of the reasons why I didn't want anything fancy-schmancy. Other than that, I'm just a person who don't demand much. My sis even told me how God provided her the money to give me.

Last night was also Green Road's Malam Kebudayaan. My brother told me it was a blast and rugi I didn't go. Argh! I wish I went!!! The highlight of the night were the shufflers and band. =) Somehow the combined performance of guitar+lead vocals+marching band+choir of Mara Bahaya worked. I can't believe it! Because it's deemed musically impossible but it turned out great. Weird huh?

Well, I did something better. I did the best shopping of my whole entire life. (I'm just saying that to console myself for not going.) Well, that's bout it. That's my not-so-fab-but-cool 18th birthday.

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