Friday, August 15, 2008


Before I go, I shall post on what I wore to my cousin's wedding. Please, don't mind my sister's lousy photography.

What I wore for church wedding....

Me acting all Kawai.

Dress: Soda
PVC Belt: sister's
Bracelet: FOS RM10
Necklace: my own
Shoes: Hock Lee
Nails? elianto RM5.50 per bottle
(colour: hot pink!)

What I wore for the dinner........

Blouse: Some shop in Hock Lee RM30
Headband: Cindy RM1.90
Belt: given by Khira
Clutch/Bag: Sister's
Skirt: Ruby's. Which I cut and gave it a 'rock chic' look
Shoes: Vincci RM50+

Notice how I use my sister's stuff? Yeah, whenever we have things, our benefits are mutual. One benefits from the other. Life is bliss that way. =)

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