Thursday, August 7, 2008

Of Popularity and Such. Good or No Good?

warning: This post is gonna sound really braggy.

I realized popularity has boosted in the span of just a week. People that I don't know start looking at me, if not looking, smiling at me or smiling and saying 'hi'. It's just crazy! Being a freshmen and already that "popular". I was denying that I'm popular last week but this week was evident that I am. There was a girl that I barely know (or met last time but barely can remember) said 'hi' to me and talked to me. Apparently we've met in the past but I don't remember. Can't blame me.....I always put my past behind me. And there's this guy.......I know he was my senior back in Green Road but I don't recall ever talking to him or ever knowing him. Then suddenly at the lobby he was like,"Hi, Christine Dior." I just smiled at him and said hi lah. Then when he was away, I was like,"Who's that??!!! What's his name again???" I hate it when people know my name but I don't know theirs. Cos it's just plain not nice to not know their name. Or forgetting that we've met! Yikes! And I've just registered myself in the forum and I introduced myself, and people started saying,"I've seen you around in campus." And I'm like o.O. Literally. In front of the PC at home. Gosh.....I don't even know who's that!

Well, I think it's my hair and my unforgettable name. But...haiyah. Even though there's so many people who know my name and lots of people around me and stuff, I do feel lonely at times lah. Still do. Parting with my 'gang' and going out to Swinburne on my own was not really an easy thing to do but was necessary to meet other new people. Despite having friends, they're in a different course if not, different class. I'm still alone. The girls in my class.....well, they're always not including me. (maybe cos I look like I'm building an invisible wall) Thankfully, I managed to get closer with the guys. Talked with them and trying to get to know them. Little by little, I'll have friends.

So happy to meet Colin!! Sighs.....I do miss my friends in high school. I appreciate people like Colin and Anders cos they are the people who make me feel really welcome in the class. Sadly, it's just those two. Can say that my last year in high school wasn't my most memorable one of all. I mean, you like kah... being changed from a class that you've grown to love and suddenly being placed in a class you never wished to be in? No right? It was a mistake for the school to do that. Though a better class, my results weren't getting any better due to emotional effect. It was worse than my usual results. Bayangkan, I used to get A for Chemistry and in that class, it dropped drastically to a C or a D. Or even fail.

I miss you all. I miss Mandy. I miss Antonia. I miss Jzlyne. I miss Doreen. I miss all of you!!! I tried calling Mandy yesterday but I can't get her. Maybe I'll try again later. Hopefully she's still awake. Prolly I'll call the other girls too since I've got lots of credit.

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