Saturday, August 23, 2008

Friends. =)

The day after meeting up with Jzlyne at Chillipeppers, I met Ant and Mandy at Chillipeppers the next day as well. Too bad Jesz couldn't join cos she got classes. Don't worry Jesz, Mandy will be back next April. ( long! sobs.. ) We had a great time talking and talking..... And I showed them Abang Cina. They were like,"Damn, he's hot..." After Chillipeppers, we head off to The Spring. And I wanted to show them my transexual "best friend". LOL. He/she works in elianto where I buy my nail polish. So I brought them there and they too went nuts over the range of colours elianto has. Haha. What a great bunch we are.

Ah....friends. What's the world without them?

I've been forgetful these days. Just have lots of assignments and homeworks to remember to do. Really scared that I forget another assignment. But in campus is still fun. Going out in between classes to eat. Hehe.

And I'll be going off to Santubong this afternoon. I'm not so thrilled cos of the snowballing assignments and homework I suddenly have.


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