Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Neon Purple Nails and.... Psychos?

Hmm.. I found out I've been dubbed "the girl with colourful nails". Cos yesterday, I remove the yellow colour from my nails and the guys were asking,"Why aren't your nails coloured today?" I never knew guys were that observant. The comment first came from Kelvin Chong. Then from Malcom and Josef. I suppose they like my nails coloured but at the moment, I'm lazy to paint my nails and I'm kinda bummed cos I ain't got the money to buy the Neon Purple colour that I want. Dad's coming back so I hope he'll stock up on my pocket money. Heeheehee... I sound like a spoilt brat right now.

Yesterday I met up with Jzlyne as well! glad to see old friends again even though they were quite a pain in the ass at times. (oops! =X) Haha! She was eating in Swinburne's Chillipeppers with her LKW friends so she asked me to meet up with her. Thankfully, I had half an hour.

And then there was the long awaited Drama Club meeting. This sem, we're gonna do lots of workshops. So exciting! But the uncool part was the time when a psycho dude sat next to me and talked to me. I tell you, I was extremely uncomfortable and nervous to the point that I was sweating on the inside despite the air conditioner being on. Honestly speaking, I think he has a 'thing' on me cos he was asking me questions like "Do you think I'm handsome?" "Do you think I'm ugly?" "Do you think I'm sexy?" And I told Janice that I'm uncomfortable with him so she tried to save me by asking me to go Chillipeppers. However, he wanted to follow as well. (OMG!!) So she asked Prof. Eileen to come along as well. We ended up going to the girls' toilet where he can't get me.

My God, that was one of the worse experience in my life! But it won't stop me from going for Drama Club. No siree! Yes Stephen, I will come again. I'm not gona let the psycho dude put me down. This incident really screams "Welcome to college life babe!!!". But this is not the first lah. In Physics class, there's this couple. And I was sitting behind them one time. And I saw the guy touching the girl's legs. Not the bottom part but below the hems of her short skirt. If you know what I mean. That's one of the things that I really HATE to see. Really.

That's it for now.


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