Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Only One

Being in the Engineering course, I'm one of the minority girls in class. Yup. One of the MINORITY. Especially in Physics class. There's 4-5 girls and the rest are guys. It's really difficult for me to have friends (girls) who are in the same course as I am. My friend Liani is taking Engineering but our time table are totally different! Only Engineering Maths jak sama. My other girl friends are either in IT or Business. Darn. And I only know two people who have EXACTLY the same time table as I do. Azme and Jap Siang. Yup, both are guys. I do think that I can 'click' with the guys better than the girls. *cos the girls do look nerdy* So looks like I have to force myself to talk to those two. I do talk to them lah....but they're so shy! I always have to look for opportunities and think of something to talk with them. I personally think guys should make the first move but I always HAVE to make the first moves. =.=" Call yourselves guys! Hmph!

So yeah, that's my short rambling of the day.

ooo.....it's my 100th post!

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