Thursday, August 14, 2008


I couldn't manage to blog any time soon. Still not done with EM. My class kena bomb by Miss Phang just now. Not big bomb lah.....small one but still can feel the blast. Quiz this Saturday. Die.

Anyways, just the day after I complained that I hardly have friends, I got friends. I tried to get to know my guy class mates better. I candidly invited Jap Siang to go to Spring with Liani and I. And he gladly drove us there instead of walking. =) Too bad Azmi wasn't there. If he was there, I'd invite him as well. Boo hoo! Who ask you skip class! But he came for English class. I said 'bye' to him and he sorta like offered to send me home. Cos he saw me waiting and asked me if someone's picking me up. Such gentlemen these boys are. =) So girls, they're up for grabs! Lol...I don't even know whether they're single or not. Skati jak I promote.

And I'm hanging out with Gina's gang as well. And not to forget my good friend, Liani, who would gladly let me tumpang in her hostel. =) And there's also Crystal, Jilly and the other two whom I don't know their names. (sorry! >.<") Mel, Joyce and Colin, you're all awesome too! Such awesome friends I have in campus! I thank God for giving me these friends. Now I'm not so lonely anymore lah. Hee...

Sighs.....tomorrow is the most heaviest day of the week. 12 hours in campus. Whoo!

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