Monday, August 18, 2008

Tights and Skirts Are Compatible.

I want to wear skirts to campus more but due to the numbing, pricking cold of Swinburne, I rarely wear skirts. Only when I'm at campus for awhile then will I wear a skirt. It is a problem cos I'm bored of wearing pants most of the time. Often I wonder how those girls who wear shorts and mini skirts and spaghetti strap tops stand the cold. I deduced that.......they must be ice queens.

So I tried to find a way to wear skirts without feeling cold. After much pondering and wondering, I stumbled upon a fashion blogger's blog. And I saw her pic. She was wearing a skirt with tights. Yes! That's it! TIGHTS!! *the sound of light bulbs lighting in my head* Eureka?

I know, I know. I said that tights are a fashion disaster to me. But it's more for functional than aesthetic purposes. Of course, the tights has to be matching ones. I was thinking of purple or black. I must live up to my reputation as being a stylish engineering student. Well, that's what I think I'm being dubbed. See how perasan I am?

Which reminds me btw, I wore something so cool to campus today. Hehe. I'm really proud of my finding at the thrift store. *beams with a smile* Unfortunately, I am unable to post pictures due to my camera being in possession of my father who's on a trip to Pontianak, Indonesia. And I bought this really cool vintage dress. So patience, my dear readers. Photos WILL be posted soon.

Comments on what I wore: "You look very nice today." "Yeah, I like how you look today." "Nice shirt." 2 of em came from guys. =) "Nice shirt" came from Ivanna who's also a fashionista. Thanks Ivanna!

But a friend of mine gave a lousy comment lah...... "Why you wear that shirt? Look so ah ma!" That was the most unexpected comment throughout the day. At first nang terasa lah. I was like,"Excuse me?!" Then I told myself,"I shan't take comments from people such as these." I mean, she's not fashionable herself! Come on, t-shirt and jeans everyday? Take note, if I deem thee as unfashionable then I shan't take any negative comments from thee. I sound arrogant? I bet I do!

Yay! Gonna meet up with Antonia and Amanda this Wednesday! Yay! Obviously, I'm really excited! It's since SPM results were out! Yay!


Some people never change. Just a random thought I had yesterday. =P



lalaliu said...

yes yes tights are awesome!! and im sure they wouldnt be a disaster on you :) I've linked you up btw!

Christine Dior said...

thanks so much! ah.... my perception towards tights has changed.