Sunday, August 10, 2008


Sickening psycho freaks.... can't they just leave me alone? First Amy Yong, now some dude who posted in my cbox that he wants f***. Go away. Leave me alone. I don't like this. Invading my privacy. Sighs. I do want people to read my blog but not these kind of people. Oh well.....

I miss my cousins. Azrin and Azrul. Met them this morning before they left for the airport. Took pictures and hugged and they're off. Sighs....really had a great time with them. Though just for a few days, I really got to know them even more. It was actually really cool to hang out with them. Next time if I do go to KL, we must hang out. And really looking forward for their next visit here.

I must be off to do my Engineering Maths. Adios!

The promised pictures will come, I promise. When I'm done and over with EM. Hopefully on Tuesday. More fashion oriented posts as well.

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