Sunday, August 10, 2008


I'm telling you, I seriously went clubbing. I just got back and I HAVE to blog this. It was not fun. Really. It wasn't. It started out like this.......

Well, it's my cousin's wedding today. The clubbing thing was just an after party thing. I thought that Terminal One was some sort of a cafe to chill out. Like Chilax. Ne tauk bila sampe, got loud music and clubbing people in there! Yikes.......... Azrin, Azrul, my brother, my sister and I were like ---> o.O Melintang's idea lah...... ish. And just because I've just turned 18, Leon was determined to make me drink. A lot. Ish. I was thinking of hanging out, catching up with my cousins from KL and in a club, you simply can't do that. You can't even hear anyone talking to you except for the person sitting next to you. So, Azrin, Azrul and I were practically dumbfounded. We're dying to talk to each other but we just can't hear each other. Ish. What a place to hang out in!

I wish we were at Starbucks or Coffee Bean. At least we can chill, relax and talk. I just got so close with my cousins and this had to happen. I knew I had a bad feeling bout the "after party" thing. But I just went on with it, thinking I could get to know my other cousins more. Clubbing is NOT a great way to know others more. I'm sorry to say this but it just don't work that way. Clubbing is not my cup of tea. I would dance with my friends but I don't like other people smoking. I smell like smoke right now. And I was tired. The banging music just gave me a headache. I was so bored, I had this weird urge to throw my handbag at the girls standing next to me! My cousin didn't pour a drink for me that time bah.... At least if I have a drink, I wouldn't be that bored to the extent I wanna do something that drastic. I don't know why I suddenly want to do that extreme stuff but I must say, it's so rad that I won't do it. =P

My ramblings for the day. Tired now but I just had to blog this. It's so rare to see me clubbing. Pictures to be posted soon. =)

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