Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Handsome Dude

I was Google-ing a band called 'Chicosci' from Philipines cos after watching the MTV Asia Awards, I thought the lead singer's cute and decided to have a pic of him. Lo and behold, he's emo! I didn't know that. Emo is so gay. Emo is just so overrated. His makeup makes him look gay! He's better looking without the makeup! But I do realize that he does look a little bit like the handsome dude. LOL. Here's a pic.....

That's Miguel Chavez. Aka Miggy. At this angle, he looks like Handsome Dude. Whatever his name is. I shall call him Handsome Dude for now. I have a really bad feeling he's from the "other side". *gulps!* If you get what I mean by "the other side".

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