Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Happenings

So much happened this week. And I must tell you that I was stressed like gila babi. This week alone, I have to chosse songs for this week's Sunday Service, choose my musicians, choose the readers for the OT reading and the Epistle reading, prepare Bible Study for YF, find ushers for Sunday Service, settle my loan, go for registration and oreiantation. Phew!

I didn't expect this week to be so busy at all. Which explains my absence here. Not that choosing songs and choosing musicians and backup singers were that hard cos I have my usual people to choose from. But.... Suddenly most of them said that they can't make it for practice and some of them have something on in their Uni on Sunday so yeah, I sorta panicked and really had to look for someone else and had to borrow from the main church punya singers and musician.

Plus registration and orientation is his week also. Sighs........ It was okay lah. But on the day of orientation, I woke up with a bad pain in my neck that I can't even lift my head off the pillow. What's worse is that I couldn't even turn my head. The pain just made me wana cry. And knowing that I don't cry so easily, yeah.....It was really painful. I had to tahan the pain to lift my head from the pillow. And to get out off bed, was hell as well. When trying to get off, it somehow strained my neck muscles so I couldn't get off. All in all, it took me half an hour to get out of bed. I woke up at 7.15am. Managed to get off the bed at 7.45am. And Orientation starts at 8.30am. Wow..... I tried massaging my neck myself but I couldn't, got my sis to massage but still hurts. When my mom got home, she massaged and it was the best. After her massage would be a massage using the massage chair. Felt better after that lah except if I turn my neck at a certain position, it hurts. So I was hoping there wouldn't be any vigorous activities which they didn't, thank God!

My Orientation was alright...... Met friends so fast! And the weird thing is most of em are a year older than me. Cos two of them who was from LKW studied a year and their parents suddenly decided that they take Business in Swinburne. The other was from UiTM. Same case. And met some other people as well whom I don't know their names. I just talk to them. And the international students are interesting. We had two Nigerians, a couple of Indonesians, one from Myanmar, one from Tanzania and one from Sri Lanka. Just so cool....

Oh yeah.....during orientation, we met the guy who cycled from LA to Taiping! Yup, I met Tzuo Han. That guy in the ad for When I first heard Mdm Cindy introduce him, I heard 'Zohan'. And I thought, isn't he that guy that said he cycled from LA to Taiping in Cos his voice sure sound like it. And then he said he cyled from LA to Taiping in 10 months. Yup, it's definitely him! Weird thing is, when you look at him, he doesn't look very interesting. No, I don't mean good looks or anything but what I mean is that he looks like a guy who doesn't seem to have anything interesting to tell. He just seem like a boring person. But seeing him talking up there, you can tell that he has seen the world and learned many things. What I'm trying to say here is that, sometimes we tend to look at people and conclude that their not interesting or boring. But if we don't take that step to just talk to them and know them, you just never know what adventure they've been through and you wouldn't be inspired to do things that you've never done before. He gave us a funny but a very true piece of advice. "When you want to cycle round the world, never ask you parents." -Tzuo Han. Because we all know very well that our parents would say no.

Stressful as this week may seem, I feel that it made me handle stress very well. I actually got things done. Thought not perfect but I learned from it. I believe God is trying to prepare me for my upcoming busy life in University.

In the midst of my stressful week, I managed to go thrifting. Ah....yes, buying 2nd hand clothes. Never underestimate 2nd hand shops. Being in a 2nd hand shop was like heaven for me! You'll never know what you'll find in there. And I tell you, I got great finds of vintage stuff and some currents trends and also branded stuff for less than RM5. I'll share my findings some other day. Going to a thrift store is so much better than going to a mall where you might get a blouse for RM50+. In a thrift store, you'll get blouse for only RM3, tees for RM2. And they look great. You just need to wash it, that's all. I think I'll be having new clothing items every week! The best part is you're thrifting for a good cause, the place where I thrift is next to Life Book Centre. The money goes to Mission Works all over the world. So people, I encourage you to thrift! Especially you cheap skates and careful spenders out there like me.

That's all for now.

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