Monday, July 28, 2008

The First

First day of college and I'm already having eyes on someone! Haha! ( be honest, since Orientation. =P) Well, he's the ONLY good-looking guy that's having the same class as me. Can't blame me for that. Except for General Maths though. How I wish we were in the same class for that..... But I have a great view of him in Engineering Maths. It's not a good thing cos it's just so distracting! How I wish he sit behind me kah.... And I think he's the ONLY good-looking guy in Swinburne. Why do I always end up in schools that are deprived of handsome guys?? Oh well, I suppose God's trying to keep my mind focused on the right thing. =P Hope we're in the same Physics class! (argh! Stop wishing for distractions!!) Then again, the seniors haven't started their class.

I don't like my time-table that's given lah....... My senior told me that it's normal for it to be that way. But I don't like it. It's like, morning got then got long break before the next class, which is at 12.30pm! Such an odd time! And afternoon long break again then at 4.30pm got IT class. Yet another odd time. I went back to college for awhile just to attend that rather insignificant subject. Well, at least tomorrow I've only got one subject. Physics. But again, the time!! 11.30am!! And I just stay there for only one hour! Thankfully my sister can pick me up after work. I don't drive to college ya know.... Even if I had license, I won't be driving to college either. Sucks right? Due to the other cars being un-economical in terms of fuel.

MY Student ID pic so ugly! Blueks!

And I'll be celebrating my birthday with a whole day in class. Hooray...... *with a bored tone* 8.30am to 8pm you know! Don't play-play!

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