Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Crazy Amy

I'm now listening to Hillsong's album for this year, This Is Our God. I am indeed enjoying it. Thanks to Gwen who gave it to me as my early birthday present.

Yesterday, I was chatting with this really weird 26 year old lady. *whether she is actually one* She is so weird. First, she added Gwen and chatted with her about me. Now, she's added in MSN. She knows about my family and I'm like.....what?? She's so much like a stalker! She's really freaky I tell you. That 'she' might not even be a 'she' but a 'he'!

The conversation went on like this......note that my status was "Busy".

Amy: hi! can we get to know each other?
*i was contemplating, and as usual, decided to ignore strangers like i always do.*
*Amy nudges*
*thinks that maybe I should just layan her a bit lah*

Christine: yeah, sure.
*NOT! rolls eyes*
Amy: my name is Amy Yong
Christine: Oh...I'm Christine
*shocked at the familiarity of her name. messages Gwen to confirm whether that weirdo that bugged her was called Amy Yong and true enough, it's her. Gulps! Evil, merciless, straight forward mode on.*
Amy: Are you still studying?
Christine: Yeah
Amy: Gwen.
Christine: Oh, so you know Gwen.... I see.
*duh, aku buat bodo lah ya....*
Amy: where?
Christine: I'm gona study in Swinburne
Amy: What course are you taking?
Christine: engineering
Amy: wow, so clever!
*just because I'm taking engineering, it doesn't make me clever, bodo!*
Amy: How many years are you studying?
Christine: 5 years
Amy: so long
Christine: 1 year foundation, 4 years degree
Amy: o
Amy: So how many As sis you get for you SPM?
Christine: 4
Amy: wow, so clever!
*can you like, cut the "wow, so clever!" bull?? You're obviously saying that to be polite!*
Christine: So what you do?
Amy: lawyer
Amy: like ur sis and dad
*this is the part where it gets freakier*
Christine: oh, i see.... So you should know them.
*trying to get her red-handed*
Amy: not really
*hah! stalker!*

Then I got disconnected. Thank God! Reconnected and she bothered me again. =.="

Amy: What happen to you just now?
Christine: disconnected
Amy: o
Amy: why you put yourself busy?
*celaka, banyak soal!*
Christine: cos I want to
*cos I was about to play DOTA when you disturbed me!*
Amy: o
Amy: can we meet at Boulevard at 7pm tonight
Amy: ok
*0.0 what retarded online person wana ask someone she just met to meet in real life so soon??*
Christine: nope.
*xD wahahaha!! i don't want to be polite.*
Amy: y?
Christine: cos I barely know you
*xD you're funny!*
Amy: ok
*why does she seem so cool about it? didn't I hurt your feelings?*
Amy: what about next week we meet
Amy: ok?
*she's definitely a retard.*
Christine: like I said, no. If i'm not interested now, what makes you think I'd say yes?
Amy: ok
*she goes offline after a while.*

Ish. She's online now and behaving super polite. And as usual, she's nudging me. Twice. I'm ignoring it. She's kinda like a ten year old kid right? Yeah, I think so too. Told my sister about her as soon as my sister came home. And she said she don't know anyone by the name of Amy Yong. My mom got worried so I told her not to worry cos it's just MSN.

Pfft! Call herself a lawyer! A lawyer's suppose to be a discrete person! They're not suppose to talk to people freely and telling them "Hey, I'm a lawyer!" She's one stupid lawyer. Wonder which firm does she work with.

So people, if anyone by the name of Amy Yong wants to get to know you, just tell her to go away. Which is what I want to tell her now. But I think ignoring her would be best. I think I'll just ask her which firm she works at then ignore her. I need to investigate.

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prettychellereena said...

a lawyer but she talk like a un educated so called lawyer..wad the hell..oh yea she ask me "hey u have bf"??? wad the hell???weirdo la hahaha