Sunday, July 6, 2008

This Week....

Well, I know I've not been updating for a while. To me it's long cos I usually update everyday. But this week I happen to be busy and I'm sure you're all like "She's on a holiday, how can she be busy??" Well, I've been keeping myself busy. This week, I was busy doing something that I should've done weeks ago which is my Guardian Angel mailbox. I just couldn't get my lazy ass to do it till recently. It's still not done but it's almost done. =)

Well, today's youth meeting is really different. Today, we declared it Brother's Day. Hehehe...... It was fun! I didn't think it will turn out so well. I never really have confidence when I'm in charge cos I'm really scared that I screw up or something. *thinks of Youth Party.. Yikes!* It was a mess!

Anyway, our program for today is really simple. Kicking off with Praise & Worship (which we did accapella, turned out well though), games, praying for the brothers and we finish off with refreshments, courtesy of Gwen who won the lucky draw for last week's ADYC dinner.

The games were the best! We had fun and I thank the guys for being so sporting. You guys are the best! =D Well, there were only 3 of them there. Frank, my brother and Raphael. The funniest game will have to be the newspaper game! Cos we had to dress the guys with newspapers. My model being Raphael, Gwen got Frank while Sylvia got my brother. Rasa Project Runway lah tek... Guess who won? Me lah..... Aiyoh...the guys had to catwalk which was so funny! Especially Raphael cos when he won, he really.....OMG! looks so gay! Then he tore off my beautiful creation. Ish! We won that fluffy thing that Elly was holding. That Raphael go and secretly put it on me and me being ticklish, got freaked out by it.

Sighs....too bad I didn't bring my camera so no pictures! Huhu!! It's just so funny and probably one of the funnest meeting we've ever had so far. And I could've added pictures of the guys in their clothes to catwalk in and the winning creation which is mine. Such a day to treasure in my life. =)

And I thought of something great to do on my birthday! =D

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i hav the video sisterrr~~~ like holla!!!!