Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Utter College Sakai-ness.

I'm so thrilled!! You know why???? I got my first homework!! Engineering Maths!!!! I love Engineering Maths!!!! cos 1) I got homework 2) got better looking guys 3) I'm smart. =)

I'm definitely enjoying my time in Swinburne. Staying back in school, chilling with friends. My first E.M. homework and I'm so thrilled. =P long didn't see homework. I actually missed it! I can't believe I'm saying this! Next thing you now, I'll be complaining of over-burdening assignments, quizzes and tests.... In due time, I will.

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful..... That's all I can say about Swinburne. I can't wait for the new blocks to be opened! Opening's on the end of August. And Kak Azreen just asked me if I would like to be one of the students to do the Campus Tour. I said ok of course! I want to! PR stuff....I like it. Even though I don't really know the campus yet, I still have enough time to adventure around the whole place. Swinburne ain't that big anyway. Another reason for doing this is to get more testimony for me to get my scholarship. It's definitely a great way to outshine other students and prove that I'm scholarship worthy.

I think I'll be talking a lot bout college this week. Still syok about it bah.... I'll get bored of it. Sure one.

Turning 18 real soon.... It means I'm legal to go clubbing and drink and sign my own forms. Bla, bla, bla. But I hate drinking lah. Really do. I can't stand white wine. Beer's worse. Drinking's not new to me lah... Biasa already. It's not a big thing I tell you. Drink before your legal age and when people say,"cool, you can drink and go clubbing." And I'll say,"Sick of drinking, clubbing ain't healthy. College is. =)"

So stay in school, you young peeps!

Btw, about the handsome dude.... I'm starting to see his flaws already. He somehow looks..........a bit ah beng lah. My mind is happy. My heart is disappointed. Get it? Don't get it? Ask me.

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