Saturday, July 12, 2008

I Ain't Laughing

Very little updates cos I've been busy with the house. My mom was away in Sri Aman so I'm the cook and the cleaner.

Well, turns out Amy Yong was Anders. Anders, that was not funny. Haha? It really freaked me out lah........ Don't do it again lah................

Don't know what to blog about but I'm just waiting for GB to start. Hmmm....feels kinda weird going back to GB. At the same time, excited as well. Haha! So I'm gonna be in church for the whole day today cos right after GB, I'll be waiting for practice to start.

Oh yeah! I went to watch a movie with Gwen, Raymond, Carlson and Frank. It was Raymond who invited Gwen and I cos I always merajuk when Raymond went to watch movie without me. So, good Raymond koko invite me loh. But I pay lah.

We watched probably the most lamest movie I've ever watched.........Journey to The Centre Of The Earth. Long is the title, so was the movie. Not long lah....but sure felt long due to a lot of boring parts. Eh, we should have watched Hellboy 2! Cos I've watched the first one already. Hellboy can be boring as well but I'm pretty sure it will be more interesting than Journey. So people, if you wana watch movie, watch Hellboy lah.

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