Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A New Era Has Begun!

Ah.....The new life. Am excited yet nervous. I haven't even got my scholarship loan done yet. in Swinburne. I wonder how it's gona be like. I've already made plans to study from day one. Cos....I can't fail. I can't afford to fail. Literally. Cos if I do, I have to pay RM300 just to re-sit it! When I start school, I don't wana be at home much. Rather stressful to be at home. I wana be in the library or do extra curricular activities, since I want the scholarship. Actually I don't want to be so involved in ECAs but.....for the scholarship, I will!! is such a powerful motivator.

Imagine if I went to a government Uni where I don't have to pay much. I think I'll take it for granted.Really. *thinks of Form 5* Since I know how much I have to pay for Swinburne, it's a motivation to not screw up! I can't screw up la...Rm300 *gulps!* That's a lot! My parents will kill for my bad results because of the money. And again, money. Money's always the issue isn't it?

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