Thursday, July 31, 2008

Continuation of Utter College Sakainess.

Okay, Allistair told me that I might be spending a lot of money cos Swinburne peeps really dress up fashionably and has the ability to influence you to spend on clothes. My opinion, they're not fashionable. They're just overdressed. xD *i hear the world laughing and an " wonnddeeerrrrr* My equation of overdressed people. Overdressed=They're just too damn rich and can buy all the damned clothes they want. Honestly speaking, I'm more fashionable than they are. xD Sounds perasan but I do have a great fashion sense alright. I may look simple at times but simplicity is good. As Coco Chanel says,"Take of the last item you put on." Chanel was definitely trying to imply that we shouldn't put on too many things. =) *can you feel the sarcasm?*

SMK Green Road's Malam Kebudayaan's coming up and I heard the highlight of it all is the band. And heard that they played and performed very well. Good for you all. Sure makes me wana be in band again. But I've had my fill.

Sometimes I hear seniors or those my age complain to me, "Why our band like suddenly so wild?" *actually it was no discipline but I don't like to hear that so I changed it. =P* I just tell them,"It's good what." Why did I say good? Well, it just shows that they know when to play, have fun and when to be serious. I tell you, when you ask them to work, they work and give you EXCELLENT results. When they play, they're just like monkeys. I mean, you can't be serious all the time right? Loosen up lah!

I must say that I love the band now, more than I did the band of the past. The band of the past was albeit boring and mundane but I can't say that I didn't learn anything either cos that will be a lie. The band last time was just too serious in everything, even if we're not "at work". I feel so confined. I feel like I'm pretending to be someone who I'm not. I'm talkative and I like to play. I don't like being serious when I don't think that I need to. Especially for public performances, we're always reminded to 'behave'. We can't even misbehave a bit. I feel as though we're just putting on a mask for the public to see and make them think we're good. So, if ever more seniors come complain to me, I'll say,"Well, at least the band knows when to distinguish work and play." With that sarcastic smile of mine.

I really must thank Kester to make my band the way they are now. During my time in the band, I've always dreamed of being like SJS Band. Cos I knew how they were like. How they are serious when it comes to work and are like monkeys when it comes to play. It was just so fun compared to my then boring band! At times I do feel so lazy and burdened to go for band cos it was boring. And I get scolded even though I make jokes a bit and play a bit during music practice. Sometimes I feel like telling them,"Lighten up a bit lah..." Being in the committee, I thought that maybe I could share what I envisioned my band to be. However and as usual, I wasn't heard. They thought that,"Nah, GR is GR, SJS is SJS." But I'm like (in my brain lah),"HAve you any idea that we are LOST and CLUELESS?? We need help!!!!" I've always felt that we were too proud to ask for help from St. Joseph, we think that we have everything put together when we actually don't. We need a guideline on how a band SHOULD be. And how to make it interesting and instead of begging for people to join, people come join us. And to know how to make a good band, what better way than to ask the veterans themselves-St. Joseph.

I've always dreamed of the day when some SJS people will come to help GRSB. And the day has come. And I am happy that I had the opportunity to be under Kester for awhile. And I tell you, I enjoyed it MORE than my past years in band. And since then, I'm forever loyal to my band and totally hyped up everytime I hear "band". Most of the old seniors didn't really come back but most of us who were under Kester, really enjoyed ourselves and never looked back. Because there was nothing better to look back to.

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