Thursday, July 17, 2008

Crocheting and Knitting-Not For The 'Faint-Hearted'

Crocheting and knitting is definitely for people who are patient (like me), dedicated (like me) and committed (oh, so like me!). It's for people who really put their head into it and actually finishes it. Definitely for people who likes sewing and has a passion for fashion. It is not for people who loses interest easily. Why am I saying this? A certain event occurred which brings me to say this. So think before you decide to take this up.

Crazy Amy Part II

I did a grave sin yesterday. LOL. I provoked Crazy Amy. Yes, I did. And I caused her to sin! She scolded foul languages at me. So ah lien of her. You know, all the c**** and the l******. Okay, so what I did was unblock her for a while. Then she starts with all the 'hi' and all those craps. And nudges me non-stop. I got rather annoyed and irritated and replied,"boh kaco aku pompuan gila!" then she nudge like gila you know!

Amy: kenapa kamu macam itu?
*sah, sik faham apa dikelaka aku. xD*
Christine: ko tok nang gila ngan retard
Amy: c**** you and your family
*haha!! like that's gona help*
*nudges like a mad woman*

Amy: l******
Christine: lawak eh
*nudges even more*
*goes offline*

I feel bad. I feel very bad for doing this. Yet, it was very entertaining. It is entertaining to see someone make a fool of themselves. Yes, I'm mean. Very mean. But only in the internet and to strangers. In reality, I'm really not like this. Really am not.

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