Thursday, July 3, 2008

KLWMBC Roadshow 2008

I knew I forgot to blog about something! Being smitten by a cute guy made me forgot to tell of what was more significant in my life, which is band. Sighs.....the power of infatuation. Curse you infatuation! You vile thing!

Yes, I attended the Kuala Lumpur World Marching Band Competition Roadshow at The Spring. It was a blast! I went to attend it right after church. Gwen, Sharon, Sylvia and I walked to The Spring shopping mall. Ahh.....I just love the fact that Spring is so near my church so I didn't have to trouble my parents to send me.

First off, we ate at Kluang Station. The only thing I could afford there was the Nasi Lemak. Wanted Hainanese Chicken Rice but it costs RM10.90 while I only have RM10++. Oh well....the Nasi Lemak was superb by the way. After the meal, we went to the heart of the mall for the event.

We went there and I met Kester and bla, bla, bla.... The Colouring Competition was still on so we had to wait a bit. SJS Kuching was already there, hanging around. And my brother and his gang were there too. They were busy mingling around with the SJS blokes.

The event was just so cool! The performance was great! And Kester, Julian and Kelvin did a Colour Guard performance. It was so nice!!! Too bad I didn't bring my camera. I'm so not ready when it comes to these things. Sad.

After the performance, there was a freebie giveaway. We have to blow a bagpipe and if we produce a sound, they'll give us a goodie bag which includes a ticket to the Preliminary Round and the oh-so-cool KLWMBC t-shirt! There is a catch's for NON band members. Just imagine, I was actually happily making my way to the stage and when the emcee announced that, I just walked away. It's not the tickets that I want cos I watched last year's the T-SHIRT that I want! I want! I want! I want!

But I hate the emcee though. He specifically said that it's for non band members but for the last round on the bagpipe, he let Hajar blow it!! And she got it..................... And yes, I was green with jealousy so i screamed "She's a band member!! She's a band member!!!" But nevertheless, he let her anyway. This world is not fair, I know. Well, they told me the T-shirt was too big so good thing I didn't go for it. Hehe.

Band members raiding the shopping mall was just awesome. Haha! It's like the Spring was being attacked by Power Rangers or something. During the breaks, Gwen and I just went into every shop we see. It's not that we gila shopping or got loads of money to spend but we just went in to kill time. When we were at Parkson, we met Raymond, Franklin and Ronald. And Frank was like,"What's the Gabans doing here?" And we talked lah. After we talked I was like,"What's Gaban??" xD Apparently Gaban is something like Power Rangers of the 80s.

And I shall end abruptly here. And btw, this was suppose to be posted days ago but somehow, I can't get my lazy ass to the computer.

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Ganes said...

Hi! Sorry to hear about you hating the emcee at the KLWMBC roadshow.
Actually he is a nice person and that is why he let Hajar try the bagpipes. I know this bec. I was the emcee....
I am sorry I missed you for the games and I can either send you a new T-shirt if you give me your contact details or if you are coming to the KLWMBC next week, then I can pass it to you.
Just give me the size and colour. We have blue, red, yellow and orange.
Anyway, gald you had fun at the roadshow in Spring.