Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Why lah?

These days I very nyanyuk lah. Last week, I didn't check my Blackboard so I didn't know that there's Engineering Maths extra class. So I came an hour late lah. Malulah I.... And for IT tutorials, it's suppose to start at 2.30pm but I thought it starts at 3.30pm. I was at library lah then I got a phone call from Yanie. Conversation went something like this..
Yanie: Christine? Ko cne?
Me: Library.
Yanie: Aih... kan dah start class?
Me: Yaka? Kan start 3.30pm?
Yanie: Sik lah.... 2.30pm!
Horrific right? Dahlah when I went to class, lecturer like got bad mood jak. Seems like I wasn't the only one who's late. According to my friend, a lot of them came late so she's pissed. Darn. Not a good day for me. I was hoping to make people laugh at my story but...memandangkan she don have mood, then no.
Lesson is, never be nyanyuk and make use of the Reminder function in your phone.
And I am so sick right now. I can't continue EM and I don't think I'll be going to class tomorrow. Huhu...as much as I want to, I think I won't. I really wish I can puke right now.

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