Saturday, September 27, 2008

Love Is........Blind?

So mad now that I can't blog about happy things. Wanted to tell of something happy and good but SOMEONE had to ruin it all. Kelahi with my brother just now. (mind you, not my younger brother. we never kelahi.)

Ah well, anger aside and let's talk bout what happened today. I had a chance to be Good Samaritan today. Gwen and I went to Kenyalang Park for dinner after we waited for all the girls to go home. While at Kenyalang, there was this couple. Blind Iban elderly couple. They were walking around in the food court bumping into tables and chairs and people too. At first I didn't layan cos I thought they may be cons. But then, they bumped into me so I decided to help them. So I hold the old man while Gwen hold the woman. I said to the man,"Duduk ba ditu uncle." Then suddenly, the old woman was like,"Akai! Dini utai aku? Dini utai aku??" And she walked off so fast, bumping into chairs and people again. I paniced la...scared ba see old people bumping into tables and chairs. I asked her," Nama utai nyak? Dini ya?" Luckily Sharon came to help as well. Cos I'm not that fluent in Iban and I couldn't hear the lady when she said "plastic". I practically commanded the lady to not move. Haha. Anyway, we manage to find the plastic with the lady's kuih in it. Brought her back to where we seated her and the uncle asked me to help him order his drink.

I felt good eventhough I had to abandon my kueh chap which I was longing to eat and I was tired. My dream of helping blind people has come true!! I've always wanted to help some blind man. And it happened today. =) It happened inconveniently but it's not much of a help if we aren't sacrificing right? And thankfully I have Josef and Malcom who really helped me improve my Iban. If it weren't for them, I don't think I could've conversed with the blind couple.

Gotta go! Am tired. Really need rest to compensate the nights that I've stayed up. Nights!

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