Sunday, September 28, 2008

It Sucks and It Rocks

I feel sucky. Like....really, really sucky. Know those moments that you feel as though something pierced your heart? If no, nevermind lah. If yes, hurts like hell right? I can't put my mind into doing EM. Miss Phang's so gona kill me. Then again, kill lah. I'd rather die anyway. I sound so EMO. Anyways, Raya coming soon and I decided that I'm gona spend my Raya by cleaning my room and my bathroom. On second day of Raya, I'm gona go Kpg Sadir to relax and enjoy and escape the hoo-haas of the city. So gona do lotsa things on those two days since it's my ONLY holiday left for this semester.

Waterfall, here I come!!

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