Thursday, September 11, 2008

My Name Is Chris

I don't feel like doing anything tonight. I'm just tired. (LOL. Serve myself right for going out till late!) Ah well. It was a good movie. Anyways, I forgot what I wanted to say. Hahaha.......

Come one, think! Kinda suk bout something but I better not 'dwell' in those thoughts. Ah! I suddenly remembered what I wanted to say! ehehehe.....

I've got a new nickname! Well, not so new but I've not heard people calling me that in a Loooonnnggggg time. They call me Chris. =) I actually LOVE that nickname. I just don't know why people don't call me that back in high school. They like to trouble themselves by calling my full name. Christine. Hello? That's TWO syllables! And the people who calls me Chris are guys. First, it was Malcom of course then it was Mac. And that Azmi....laughing at the nickname Mac gave me. Apelah awak nih? Tak penah dengar ke? Yerdeh....speaking lepeh inda...Kuakuakua!!

That phrase "They call me Chris" reminds me of a song by The Ting Tings. Hahahaha..
"They call me her. They call me Stacey. They call me Jane. That's not my name. That's not my name...." A really stupid song. MAybe I should remake it to my own version.

"They call me her. They call me Christine. They call me Chris. That is my name. That is my name...."

I un-proudly present you...... THE TING TINGS!!!! (HAHAHHAHAHAHA......weird name..)

Sighs. My style is like....really down in the dumps. I just don't know what to wear anymore. I just simply grab something out of the closet. That's not so good. Ah well, I'll get past this someday. Someday. Hopefully soon. And I really need to get well from my flu. And cough. Grr....

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