Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I Love Tuesdays. =)

I am not hanging with my 'bestfriend' anymore. Hehehe..... I'm now hanging out with the guys. Malcom, Aldrin and Josef. Yup. Iban guys. I'm more comfortable with them anyway. They're nice. Really. It was nice of Malcom to invite me to join him for lunch but I want to go home for my lunch. It's Tuesday! My freest day of all...I don't wana waste it.
I memang hang out with guys lah but now, I wana hang out with them even more. I know that some people may think I like this guy or that guy cos I'm close with them or whatsoever. I just let them think so. Kinda interesting to see people have misunderstandings. Ah....but they don't know who am I really into out of all the guys I hang out with. Well, that's best kept to myself.
Can't wait till I can legally drive. I was speeding and my car mati in the middle of the road. So embarassing. Haha.
And I like Quietdrive's Rush Together. Makes me jiwang all over for some reason.

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